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 WRITING - Правила написания топиков  

An article about a country and its people
When we write an article about a country and its people, we can divide our article into six paragraphs.
In the first paragraph, we include the name of the country, its location and its features. In the second paragraph, we write what the people look like and we describe their character. In the third paragraph, we write about where the people live and what work they do. In the fourth paragraph, we write about what they eat. In the fifth paragraph, we write about what they do in their free time.
In the last paragraph we write a few words about the country. We normally use the present simple. 

A story
When we write a story, we first decide on a plot line (a series of events that lead up to the main event). We can divide our story into four paragraphs.
In the first paragraph we say when and where the story happened, who the people in the story are and what happened first. In the second and third paragraphs we write what happened before the main event, then describe the main event. We usually write the events in the order they happened. In the last paragraph we describe what happened in the end and how the people felt.
We can use someone's actual words (direct speech) as well as a variety of adjectives and adverbs to make our story more interesting. We normally use the past simple and past continuous in such pieces of writing.

A news report
When we write a news report we can divide it into three paragraphs. In the first para., we write a short summary of the event. We write about who was involved, what happened, and where and when it happened.
In the second para., we write a detailed description of what happened. In the last para. we write what action has been taken.
We normaly use past tenses in this type of writing. We always give our report an eye-catching title.

A letter (asking for information)
When we write a formal letter asking for information we can divide it into three paragraphs.
We start the letter with Dear Sir / Madam.
  • In the first para., we mention the reason why we are writing the letter.
  • In the second para., we ask questions about the information we need.
  • In the last para., we usually say we hope to hear from the person soon.
We end our letter with Your faithfully, and our full name.