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We form the present cont. with the auxiliary verb to be and the main verb with the -ing suffix. The main verb with the -ing suffix is the same in all persons.

                   Affirmative / Утверждение                    
                                   Long form/Shot form                              
I am  /  'm reading.
He / She / It is  /  's reading.
You / We / They are  /  're
   Interrogative / Вопрос  
Am I reading?
Is he / she / it reading?
Are you / we / they reading?
     Negative / Отрицание     
         Long form/Shot form       
I am not  /  'm not reading?
He / She / It is not  /  isn't reading?
You / We / They are not  /  aren't reading?

Spelling rules
Verbs ending in -e, drop the -e and take the -ing suffix. 
dance - dancing       but      see - seeing
Verbs ending in one stressed vowel between two consonants, double the last consonant and take the -ing suffix.
run - running,     get - getting      but     open - opening
Verbs ending in -l, double the -l and take the -ing suffix.
travel - travelling
Verbs ending in -ie, drop the -ie and take -y + -ing.
lie - lying     die - dying

Time Expressions
Time expressions used with the present continuous include:
  • now, at the moment, these days, at present,
  • always, tonight, still, etc.