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Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath made of mostly evergreen tree twigs, sometimes with pinecones and a bow made of red ribbon is a common Christmas decoration. These are in shape of a ring made of flowers, leaves, and sometimes fruits, used as an ornament, hanging on a wall or door, or resting on a table.
Widely known, the customs of Christmas come from the traditional celebration of the birth of Christ, which was later on combined with the harvest and winter solstice festivals in ancient Rome. From ancient times, the celebration has involved making offerings and decorating with evergreens, wreath being one of the most popular form.
Wreaths that are displayed at Christmas time are in the form of a circle, signifying eternity. They also serve to wish people happiness in the new year. Christmas Wreaths are decorated with candles symbolizing the sun at winter solstice, and with holly, evergreens, red berries, and pinecones, symbolizing the harvest, which might have come down since the time of ancient Rome.
Christmas wreaths can adorn any part of the home, inside or out. In many homes, this symbol of growth and everlasting life can be found both inside and out. Today, it is sometimes hard to remember the real meaning of Christmas. The wreath over the hearth brings a warmth to people hearts and helps them to reflect upon the true meaning of this very special day.